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I had absolutely no extra room in my carry-on this year for Plushformer travel companions :<
Happily, Persephone here volunteered to keep me company by riding in my pocket ♥

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Well. Last Satuday was just a hoot, wasn't it, boys?

Locky: *holding his head* Right. All those girl in short skirts -- how could I not have fun?
Warpy: I got to hang out with a lot of cool people! :D
Wildrider: Ugh, I can't .... my head. Too much high grade. @_____<

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Locky: Friday was an interesting one. First we went to Mi's "Light the Night" walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma research.
Warpy: Right! Our human companion has cancer. We can't forget that.
Wildrider: WTF. She safety-pinned me to a hat, and then we went out in the RAIN. How could I forget that?!

To a hat?! That must hurt! )
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It was ‘fall break’ for the Gunnison school system, so we took a four day trip to Denver.  While there we stumbled upon the Transformers Great American Tour, presented by The Hub.  We of course had to stop and take a look to see what it was about.


WW Prowl Puggle - Transformers Great American Tour )


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Hello, everyone!

This weekend, I have journeyed in to the sector called New York City by the humans. Primarily to attend this thing called a 'Comic Con', but today was simply spent looking around.
Many large photographs ahead! )
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Hiiiii, everybody! It's us, JazzPuggle and 'RajPuggle, welcoming you to Conveniently Travel-Sized! :3 To kick things off, here are some pictures from our adventure in the Quaint Mountain Town of Manitou Springs, Colorado.

So quaint! )
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