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Name:Conveniently Travel-Sized!
Website:Callykarishokka on deviantART
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Bwee! Hi! It's us, JazzPuggle and 'RajPuggle!

Jazz: We are your hosts for Conveniently Travel-Sized!

'Raj: We were going to just make a little blog for ourselves, but then we thought, we should make a community instead!

Jazz: Yeah, so all the Puff Puggles can share their adventures! Whether you're journeying to exotic locations -

'Raj: - running around town -

Jazz: - helping your human bake cookies -

'Raj: - cookies? 83

Jazz: - or just relaxing at home with some cartoons and popcorn, you can post about it here!

'Raj: We go everywhere with our mom, rusty_chevy -

Jazz: - except work -

'Raj: - yeah, except work - we just hop in her bag, 'cause we should go everywhere with her, 'cause we're conveniently travel-sized!

Jazz: Which is where we got the name for this community. :3 And now, here's rusty_chevy herself, to explain the rules!

Rusty: Thanks guys. ^_^ Okay, just a few rules to keep things from getting totally chaotic!

1. Be nice, of course. If it won't make people smile and/or squee, it doesn't belong here.

2. Should go without saying, but this community is rated G. If you wouldn't want a little kid to see it, please don't post it here. Although I can't imagine how anyone could make Puggle content rated higher than that. Or why they'd want to. o_O

3. If you have multiple photos (and we hope you do!) please put them behind an LJ-cut . Likewise, most of your text should be cut. A few lines and/or one photo outside the cut, to let us know what's going on, is fine.

4. While posts should be Puggle-focused, we'd love to see your other toys and plushies joining the fun as well!

5. As Jazz and 'Raj say above, this community is not limited to travelogues - pics from around town or around the house are just as welcome. Basically, we're trying to get a huge collection of Puggles-doing-stuff-and-being-cute photos in one central location. ;)

6. Puggle moms & dads may post from their own journals, OR they can create journals for their Puggles. If you have three or fewer Puggles you can make individual journals for them if you wish; if you have more than three, it may be easier to create one journal for them to share.

7. Have fun! :3

Puff Puggle concept, design and creation by Callykarishokka.

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