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Hiiiii, everybody! It's us, JazzPuggle and 'RajPuggle, welcoming you to Conveniently Travel-Sized! :3 To kick things off, here are some pictures from our adventure in the Quaint Mountain Town of Manitou Springs, Colorado.

(These are from July 4th weekend, 2010, just BTW.)

First we went to breakfast at the King's Chef Diner downtown. Rusty forgot to take a picture of our breakfast (it was biscuits, well, Texas toast and gravy) but here's us with our clean plate!

King's Chef has a Clean Plate Club. We got candy! We also got a sticker, but the lady stuck it to Rusty's shirt instead of us.

Then we went to the Quaint Mountain Town of Manitou Springs. We took a picture of Rusty in her Very Fine Hat.

We looked at lots of neat public art, too:

Pretty bench!

Of course we had to stop and rest on it.

Stop for refreshments!

(Note: This is iced chai. Rusty dun do coffee. XD)

Giant candy! Yum!

Lots of pretty flowers to sniff, too. XD

We also tried a drink from one of the springs. It tasted... kinda funny. o_O

Following tradition, we all went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner.

What's in here?

Delicious crab cakes!

After a long day running around, we were glad to go home and snuggle to sleep under our cozy blanket.

Good night! <3
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