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((Cross-Posted from my own Journal! :D))

Locky: Friday was an interesting one. First we went to Mi's "Light the Night" walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma research.
Warpy: Right! Our human companion has cancer. We can't forget that.
Wildrider: WTF. She safety-pinned me to a hat, and then we went out in the RAIN. How could I forget that?!

Locky: Oh, it wasn't that bad. Mi knows how to take care of us, so she didn't let us get wet. She even had a really cool clear umbrella!
Wildrider: I haven't been been on vacation in your State for a DAY and your human abuses me. What is this nonsense?!
Warpy: ...... Fraggit, I'm looking the wrong way in that picture.
Locky: You can't even see me. What are you complaining about?!

Warpy: Oh! I forgot that Plush!Skywarp came along as well! He looks all kindsa snuggly.
Locky: RIght, and I'm jealous! I was freezing on top of that hat!
Wildrider: I don't get it. Does everyone in San Diego go out and walk around in the rain at night, or is it just you people?

Skywap: Oh, stop being such spoil sports, you three, We came along to help support Mi in her time of need. Be happy for that!
Warpy: We'd be happier if it were a little warmer ...! D:

Locky: After the two mile walk (Wildrider: In the RAIN.), we went bowling. That was fun!
Warpy: *giggles* Yeah, until you decided to take a bath in cheesy fries.
Locky: Don't give me that. You pushed me! I didn't enjoy getting licked clean by Mi either. >______>

Warpy: That's it for this update! We have another awesome Puggle Adventure to archive, so keep your optics on the journals! :D
Wildrider: Thank Primus I'm warm again. San Diego sucks -- I thought it was all sun all the time!
Locky: Well aren't you in for a disappointing month ....


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